Femtec for Ukraine

About the Initiative

We are organising a fundraiser for organisations supporting Ukrainian women and children, namely UN Women !

From 24th July we want to start collecting donations for these two organisations. To incentivize these donations, we want to show our appreciation with small tokens of gratitude to those donating. We start collecting those tokens on 24th June. 

How can you help?

As of now, we will collect these tokens of gratitude to be able to present them to donors later. For this we need your help! This little token can be anything from a crocheted animal to a nice photograph or a voucher for a workshop you can give. No matter how big or little a thing you can provide, it can help us to spread the message of peace and collaboration.

The collection of your contributions is now open! To contribute, please fill out this form. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Starting 24th July, you can support us with donations. We will provide a form where you can submit a donation receipt and choose one of the contributions.

Who are we?

We are a team of Femtec scholarship holders led by Ivana K., Stefanie B. and Luise H. that want to make a difference. Femtec is a network for women in STEM subjects, and supports our mission helping Ukrainian women and children.

As the war has been continuing to fill media and news with heartbreaking stories, pleading videos and daunting pictures, we realised that we cannot just sit by and watch. Donations can make a big difference for many institutions, and we want to support UN Women in their mission.


Thanks for submitting!